Values, Feedback, Culture


Continuous Improvement

deBa’s continuous improvement system is built on the concept of bite-sized behavioural adjustments leading to large improvements in individuals and teams by focusing attention on what people do and how successfully their behaviour is tied to organisational values.

Grounded on clearly-defined, individual performance expectations and regular, two-way communication, the deBa app’s beauty lies in its simplicity, which makes it easily and cost-effectively customised to every workplace.

The deBa system opens the lines of communication within your organisation and breaks down the stigma associated with them, eliminating time-consuming and inefficient performance appraisal reviews.

deBa works because its process is based on consultation and measurable, realistic performance and behavioural benchmarks. 


Values, Feedback, Culture

deBa provides the platform on which the fundamental values of your organisation can be translated into on-the-job expectations through simple and specific feedback. Employees buy into what is expected of them through a consultative process and work with team leaders to create clarity of purpose against which their day-to-day performance is measured.

Leaders are able to focus team members on specific behaviours through regular and informal conversations prompted by the deBa app. Using the simple interface, quick observations can be made and recorded in real time at the coalface, empowering leaders to provide regular and transparent feedback - both positive reinforcement and performance improvement.

deBa instills organisational values through the workforce by making them relevant and tangible for day-to-day operations and holding managers accountable for leadership, coaching and mentorship. 

Importantly, every employee has their own specific, clear-cut expectations aligned to the core values of the company. A simple data-capture tool, deBa supports leaders/managers by recording ‘on the job’ observations geared to their performance. These observations facilitate frequent and targeted conversations that lead an employee to enhance their performance through their behaviour - that is, the way in which they perform day-to-day to achieve the requirements of their role. 
Conversations can be as casual or as formal as the observation requires - from ‘Great job on the phone to the client yesterday’ in the lunchroom, to a quick sit-down over an improvement-based issue.

The ‘on-the-go’ utility of the app saves significant time for managers by replacing cumbersome annual reporting with a continuously-evolving, individual performance plan. Informal and transparent performance discussions build rapport, and negative feedback can be captured early and at the lowest level before it becomes a big issue requiring singular attention. Additionally, the data captured by deBa can be managed in a variety of ways to produce meaningful annual performance reports at the click of a button.

Accumulated information within the system can also be used as a live dashboard feed to measure the health of your business in a multitude of formats, while behaviours linked to organisational values provide organisational cornerstones and leading indicators for future performance by team, department or region.

Behavioural psychology shows a clear correlation between values, attitudes and behaviours. The deBa journey begins with a one-on-one brief between managers and employees to establish clarity around performance expectations, continuing on a path of open, transparent communication. Designed to be meaningful, quick and largely informal, continuous and ongoing coaching is efficient and keeps communications relevant and timely. Deliberate, conscious and regular conversations at the grass roots level result in better engagement, greater clarity, a motivated workforce and high-performance teams and individuals. 

Ongoing coaching imparts a strong sense of value for individual employees as they learn and understand how they contribute to their team and wider organisational outcomes. Additionally, the deBa system builds strong leadership by empowering and prompting line managers to lead, coach and mentor their teams on a daily basis. This in turn instils effective habits in managers - with pro-active observation, positive reinforcement and regular feedback becoming the ‘norm’ and the key driver of maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.



"We have a culture of Communicating Collaboratively with Integrity and Passion, to achieve Excellence." (Adam Loong)

Having spent a highly rewarding 20-years as a RAAF fighter pilot, including three-years in the US Airforce training F-15 pilots, Adam has worked in a high performance environment his entire career. A high performance attitude has been Adam’s only mindset since joining the fighter pilot culture as a junior officer and progressing through the ranks to become the Director of the RAAF’s elite Fighter Weapons School in 2008.

Upon retiring from fulltime service Adam commenced a 4-year journey of extensive and collaborative R&D to bring, what was deemed elusive and only for a chosen few high flying organisations and sporting teams, a high performance leadership mindset into the mainstream.

Working in collaboration with our passionate team of HR, IT and business minds deBa was born to provide a pathway for all leaders (at all levels) to actively lead and coach in an environment that is supported by HR best practice and high performance methodology.

A proud Hunter based company, we aim to challenge the status quo of how managers lead. deBa comes with a user friendly, intelligently designed, and easy to use smart phone/tablet application which provides senior management with the ability to observe, in real time, how their mid-level leaders are behaving and leading their teams in line with their company values.